Our operator is fully compliant with Transport Canada regulations holding a Special Flight Operators Certificate (SFOC) for C D E F and G airspace. We can capture stunning 4K footage from unique perspectives in a variety of situations.


Videos and photos from drones are perfect for monitoring construction site progress. The low-altitude, high resolution perspective shots from our drones provide a great overview of the site. Weekly pictures and video can be taken from the exact same location (position, altitude, angle) to monitor your crew's progress.


Drone photography and videos are ideal for sporting events; whether used to evaluate practices or to capture the main event. Although we are unable to fly our drones over large crowds, as per Transport Canada regulations, most outdoor events and venues have adequate locations and angles to get great video and pictures from a safe distance without disrupting the competition or show. 


Highlight your home's curb-side appeal with amazing pictures from above! Let the full extents of your property be seen at it's best. Our real estate and land development photography leaves a lasting impression with potential buyers. Standing from the rest is key in a very competitive industry.


The applications are endless for capturing beautiful panoramic views from the sky. Stunning images on their own, these photos also make great marketing material. Imagine seeing the view from your new high-rise apartment before construction has even begun! Or maybe you want to show off the incredible views from above your cottage...


Does the roof need replacing on the house you want to buy? Did you lose a few shingles in last night's wind storm? Are you dealing with water damage and looking for the source of the problem? Getting on top of some structures to inspect potential issues can be difficult and dangerous. Drone photography can be used quickly and effectively in identifying costly problems.