Carved in Stone (2019)

Inuk artist George Arlook loves his job–carving stone. But his art exposes a deeper truth about the forces that shape him and the places he calls home.

Concerto (2016)

Victoria is a percussionist with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra who is given the opportunity to perform as the soloist in the world premiere of a new composition. As the date of the concert nears she must work with the orchestra, memorize her parts, overcome her fears and prepare to take her place at the front of the stage. There are no guarantees of success but sometimes it’s your turn to shine

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CONCERTO (2016) 46:11minutes, Directed by Ivan Hughes, Produced by Angela Heck, Edited by Ivan Hughes, Featuring Victoria Sparks, Karl Stobbe, the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra and the music of Sid Robinovich. A solo percussionist is given the chance to perform the world premiere of an original composition with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra.

Buzz... takes a look at the impact of the Manitoba mosquito and finds some visitors to the province really suck.

Soul of the Sea (2012)

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SOUL OF THE SEA follows the journey of Hayley Shephard, a 40-year old New Zealand-born Canadian pursuing her dream to solo kayak amidst the crashing waves and treacherous seas around the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia, all to bring awareness to an endangered seabird - the albatross.

In the Shadow of the Chief (2004)

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Clip from the film "In the Shadow of the Chief", more info can be found at

Episode 4 – The Explorers Club: Meagan McGrath (2011)

Trailer for Episode 4 of the Explorer's Club series about Meagan McGrath, the Canadian alpinist attempting to climb the world's highest peaks. Produced by Fringe Filmworks and Florian Films.